During the long week that the fair was open, we were able to attend the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf along with another 107,000 visitors, a figure that, although it seems high, is significantly lower than in other years, but very relevant for being the first major trade fair held in Europe after the closure of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We noticed and missed exhibitors, and the capacity has been limited to give priority to security measures, which has led to a great acceptance by the public and as there is no crowding in the exhibitors as the brands are obliged to maintain security measures, the attention has been much better than other years.

Although it has been noted the absence of some major brands, … we could see how the rest of the major manufacturers have been present with spaces similar to those of other years and they have shown their news and 2021 models of which we were very attentive.

We can highlight the luxury motorhomes, something that is not seen every day, which even come to have a garage for a small car, or not so small, and an endless number of details inside to travel with the house on his back in luxury, and that in this fair can be seen with a variety of sizes and finishes. For the more adventurous, we were also able to see and try out the all-terrain vehicles in simple and luxury formats to live an adventurous vacation independently anywhere, however complicated their access may be.

A pavilion dedicated to accessories and complements for camping and caravans cannot be missing, where you can see from the manufacturer of windows for caravans, chassis, lighting accessories, security elements… where the curious and the handy can find ideas for better your caravan. There are also camping accessory stores where you can buy a light dinner service, mirrors, or any other accessory you can imagine. Finally, a pavilion is dedicated to tourist destinations, where they showcase campsites and resorts where you can travel with our wheeled homes throughout Europe, including some places in Spain, and other more exotic.

Undoubtedly from EuroGaza Emergencias we will transfer many of the ideas that we bring from the Caravan Salon to our transformations of Camperized Vans and despite the moments that we are living, we are satisfied to find great options among the many manufacturers that we find in this visit once again to the Caravan Salon 2020.

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