Today we are all still confined to our homes being bombarded with more or less uncertain information about the national and international evolution of this terrible pandemic and we all are astonished by the performance of those who are on the front line fighting this terrible pandemic, how they develop their different tasks and professions.

We start as it can not be otherwise by thanking all of them, especially the ambulance drivers and other emergency vehicles, they are our goal every day from Eurogaza Emergencias so that our vans converted to the latest generation ambulances guarantee safety and reliability in those transport so essential these days.

The question that assails us is that if in Spain, in Europe, where our healthcare, our transport vehicles are top quality and our hospitals and healthcare equipment are world-class and we are fighting as Titans with the results we have … ., How will this disease affect when it arrives, that it will, other countries whose economic capacity is much lower and their health systems are still in a situation of development.
And furthermore, what can we do from Eurogaza Emergencias to alleviate this precarious situation.
Well, by offering our ambulances equipped with the best technology where the antiviral capacity of the materials with which we assemble their interior facilitate the safeguarding of the sick and the health teams that use them, in te same direction we have already developed the first mobile clinics. It is evident that there are countries that will not be able to set up field hospitals in 48 hours, such as China or Spain, where unimaginable things can be achieved with first-rate materials and professionals.

When the contagion rate rise in lost regions of Africa or Latin America, perhaps one of the support solutions may be these mobile clinics.
These hospitals are assembled with all the necessary technical equipment of a hospital center but on heavy trucks. These mobile clinics designed and produced by Eurogaza Emergencias are mobile units equipped with everything necessary to care for critically ill patients and with the ability to approach isolated areas that would otherwise be unattended by the health systems of these countries.
These emergency vehicles, also produced with our thermoformed ABS, will allow a very effective sanitation to keep the levels of contagion by transfer to the minimum possible.

In such mobile unit; imagine a double body truck installed on a tractor unit or a rigid truck; patients can be cared for wherever they are with a level of facilities equal to that of any hospital with the best equipment. The versatility of the design of the space will be able to adapt these mobile hospitals to the needs of each country, and may be primary care areas, critical care or even population testing units or mixed.
All our research and development team as well as all the talent of our engineers have been put altogether at the service of the governments that demand this emergency operating unit.

What’s more, there are already proposals from some governments that by joining several of these megatrucks, leaving their boxes as operating rooms or critical areas, a field hospital can be set up around them but having the most sensitive part guaranteed in equipment, hygiene, technology and design.

This commitment by Eurogaza Emergencias to develop these mobile clinics is just another example of our involvement in the development of technologically advanced solutions that offer countries the ability to stop outbreaks wherever they occur without having to displace hundreds of people so many kilometers to be helped.
It was not our dream to have to produce them due to a world crisis, but if it was our dream to design it and have it ready for when Santa Barbara thundered, it is at these critical times for humanity as a whole where the work of our staff from administration to the last single operator acquires all its meaning and all its value. Our emergency vehicles were always designed to become the spearhead of health care in the face of any catastrophe, in this case being able to move a hospital to any area is one more example of the high capacity for design and innovation that Eurogaza Emergencies offers to whom ask us.

We remain involved in being part of the solution working together with all administrations so they will offer their citizens to the best of their ability.

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