Last generation police cars: “Internet of Everything” on wheels

No, we have not yet reached the dystopian times of Robocop, although we are getting closer. The vehicles of the State security forces and bodies are already embellished with gadgets and tools linked to technology that make the daily work of the Police and Civil Guard more efficient, but how will the integration of technological possibilities evolve in the immediate future? type of vehicles?

The trend exported by the United States, a true world power in the development of security tools for these armed forces, police vehicles, but also ambulances or those of the fire extinguishing services, have become true hyperconnectivity launchers : precise geolocation systems, video surveillance from various angles, permanent radio and online communications… It is the IoE, Internet of Everything, on four wheels, that turns these vehicles into true mini mobile police stations.

An example. Police officers carry cameras that transmit recordings wirelessly to an NVR -network video recorder-, which is in the vehicle, from which it is also recorded, and which also receives and controls the procedures that, through a tablet and other portable devices in the hands of the agents, these are being carried out at the foot of the road, communicating at the same time with the police station through headphones and wireless radio systems.

The vehicle must therefore contain a control center that connects and manages the communication between all these devices and all these devices with the network, acting as an on-board computer, and as a link between the vehicle network and external servers. This information is sent through 3G / 4G communications, although their own exclusive systems and networks are already being installed for emergency management.

In our country, this path is just beginning and emergency vehicles, especially police vehicles, are now beginning to be adapted with state-of-the-art technologies that improve the efficiency of their work.

For example, the new patrol cars of the National Police have been equipped with IT systems, to record and visualize what happens; OCR systems for license plate recognition; and a central brain with access from a 10-inch touch screen that allows consultation and processing of various procedures.

In short, this profusion of technological tools requires a high interconnection capacity between all the devices that are part of the police team and enough power to manage the flow of all this information effectively. These police vehicles have become centers of connectivity with wheels, and companies specialized in adapting these vehicles, such as EuroGaza Emergencias, are already addressing technological needs that bring the future closer.

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