Frequently asked questions about camper vans in 2020

The world of the motorhome is an extraordinary case within the typical tourism
Spanish, more widespread however in Northern Europe and North America, this
has a community in Spain that is still small but growing year by year.
Especially due to the little caravan culture that prevails in our country is
It is normal that questions may arise from those who wish to join in this way
of tourism that is increasingly exponential, due in part to the growing
precautions we should take because of last year’s pandemic.

With this article we will try to answer the most typical questions that arise around this mode of tourism and
dissolve the doubts that may arise about the camperized vans.

1. What is a Camper Van?

A camper van is a vehicle that has been transformed so that it can be inhabited. You can camperize a
van yourself, although we advise you to have a camper like EuroGaza Emergencias that will
do for you.

2. What license do I need to drive a Camper Van?

With the Type B license you can drive a Camper as long as its weight does not exceed 3,500 kilograms of MMA
(maximum authorized mass). However, at the moment the weight exceeds this record, the required permit will be
C1 as it would be a heavy vehicle.

3. How fast can I drive a Camper?

According to the Royal Decree 1428/2003 of November 21st on the General Regulations of circulation, the
maximum speed at which a motorhome weighing 3,500 kg or less MMA is 120 km/h on highways and
Freeways, 90 km/h on conventional roads and 50 km/h in urban areas.

4.Where can I buy one?

You can contact Eurogaza Emergencias and we will inform you about the different models
of Camperized Vans that we transform.

5. How often should I check my camper van?

The revision of our camper van will depend on the manufacturer, although it is advisable to revise it before
embark on any long journey.

6. How long is the warranty on a camper van?

Although it depends on the manufacturer, like any new vehicle, camper vans usually have a 2 year warranty.

7. Do you recommend any specific model?

Although the choice of model will depend on many factors, we can recommend the Mercedes Vito. A model of
Very versatile van with very robust engines. This model of van has been seen with a
The system has been running for miles and is working just like the first day.
The interior of the mercedes vito offers a lot of space so we can say that this van was born to be

8. Where can I park or camp?

Keep in mind that parking and camping are very different concepts. A Camper van can
park like a motorhome on the public road like any other vehicle. However, camping is
regulated by the regulations on camping and tourist camps of the autonomous governments.
With these answers we hope to have solved some of the doubts that could arise if you are thinking of acquiring
a camperized van for this vacation. If you have more doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at 957
10 08 08 or visit us at our offices.


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