Electric ambulances: The transformation of emergency vehicles to cleaner energy.

The electric motors arrive stomping, and will be consolidated in the coming years throughout the European Union. This will undoubtedly also affect medium and high tonnage vehicles and, by default, vehicles adapted and destined for medical transport.

The amount of investment that the brands are allocating to the development of electric vehicles is billions of euros and they strive to guarantee the desired power and that the batteries that provide them are of sufficient autonomy.

The environment and the increasingly severe restrictions by the governments and the mayors of the big cities to the circulation of polluting vehicles has generated that the brands awaken all their ingenuity to keep up with the new times. Not only will cars have to make the leap to electric technology, public services will have to make a big leap to reach more modern vehicles among their priorities. The ambulances of the future will have to be loaded with new technologies that will help save lives also thanks to the reduction of their emissions.


Electric models for the ambulances of the future.

Mercedes Benz announced at the beginning of the year that it would allocate 1 billion euros to the manufacture and expansion of electric vehicles and the same millions in development for the manufacture and development of batteries for these. But what interests us will be the new 100% electric eSprinters generation that will opt for two batteries, one of 41 kWh with a minimum autonomy of 115km and the other of 55 kWh with 150 km of autonomy at maximum load and at low temperatures.

eSprinterRegarding the volume and weight of the material in ambulances, as well as its extensive equipment and equipment, it will surely make things difficult for second-phase engineers and manufacturers, since the addition of batteries not only increases the weight of the vehicle, but also reduces space, much needed on more advanced media. It is imperative that they also ensure extensibly more autonomy and quick recharges that can be truly operational.

Eurogaza Emergencias, ready to lead the future of the sector.

In one way or another, the following advances in terms of electromedicine and vehicles adapted to medical transport, will promote the future evolution of devices adapted to healthcare teams, so with respect to this, at EuroGaza Emergencias we will be prepared to give the jump, if the circumstances of change so require.


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