COVID-19 ambulances

The crisis caused by COVID-19 has transformed, in just a few weeks, the daily lives of millions of workers. For those of us who work in a sector so close to the health sector, the change has served to strengthen some of the strongest values of our professions, such as commitment, will and humanity.

From EuroGaza Emergencias we are in charge of the transformation in second phase of emergency vehicles. During these last months, they have changed our routines of work and our procedures in the products adapting us to the new times. The services have shot up and the demands have been greater than ever.

However, and thanks to the professionalism and desire of our technical teams and workers, the ambulances have taken to the streets to offer a service that today is more important than ever.

The ambulances of COVID-19

One of the most effective measures to stop the spread of the disease is safety. And that is precisely the first one that was imposed on our ambulances since we started more than 20 years ago and that today has proven to be more important than ever.

Our ambulances are composed of a thermoformed interior lining, projected with high density polyurethane, which allows more weight to be available for the medical equipment of the ambulance. The material used is antibacterial and fungicidal and this is essential at this time. During its development EuroGaza Emergencias has bet on creating a space easy to clean, for this reason it has used thermo-conformed ABS for the linings.

For the same reason, the floor of the sanitary cell is covered with Line-x, a protective film formed by high performance sprayed polyurethane elastomers.

The characteristics of these materials facilitate the cleaning and disinfection of the room. In the same way, all the cabinets have doors and covers in order to isolate all the equipment and elements inside

Training, protocols and a lot of willingness

The dedication and collaboration of our workers is being fundamental to face this crisis. The teamwork and the desire that each one of them is putting is the base that makes possible to give this service to the community.

Behind our work there are hours of training and many protocols.

As a result, the quality level of our vehicles is very high.  And we have no doubt that this is due to the professionalism that our workers have shown from the beginning.

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