Camper, with children

Traveling with children always has its peculiarities. Sometimes it is not even easy. We have to take into account the ages of the little ones, the type of trip, our destination, the children’s leisure options, the budget and even the preferences of the little ones. Spending time together is always an experience.
It may seem that the most comfortable for everyone is an all-inclusive resort that allows us to enjoy the advantages that this type of destination offers to all ages.
Opting for a place to go sightseeing and opting for an apartment where we feel at home can be an alternative, although making beds, bath time, dinner or picking up the junk would still be part of our routine.
So, if what we really want is to disconnect, get away from the everyday and live a real experience with the kids, a van getaway can become a fun adventure they will never forget.
<H2>Doubts and Fears
For those who have never traveled in a camper van, betting on this type of trip may have its doubts and fears beforehand, especially if we include children to the equation. The ideal age that the little ones should be, how many people we can travel without sacrificing comfort, how we are going to entertain them, clean them or make food.
The truth is that there is no perfect formula and traveling with children is always a bit unpredictable, wherever we go. But in the case of a getaway in a van, some factors come into play that we will have to take into account if we do not want our vacation to turn into a nightmare.
In this sense, the size and the characteristics or features of our camper will determine to a great extent the experience.
It will not be the same traveling with a baby that requires a stroller or buggy and special utensils for bathing and feeding, than doing it with children of ages that allow us some relaxation when moving and living in a small space as is the case of vans.
In this aspect, less will always be more and here the size of the camper, the adaptation of the space and, above all, the organization of the same can be crucial when traveling with the house and children at a cost.
Therefore, we have to take into account what our needs are and to what extent we are willing to adapt or search among the existing options those that best suit us, in order to ensure a truly positive experience in every way.
If the van does not have bathroom and shower included in its features, there are portable toilets and showers, very useful if we travel with children, especially if our purpose is to dispense with camping and opt for the freedom of movement that gives us a camper.
Whether or not we have a kitchen and fridge will also be decisive since, if not, we will have to think about including in our luggage kitchen utensils that will also allow us to enjoy a good lunch or dinner with the family, outdoors and in the place we choose at all times.
And, most importantly, the distribution of space at bedtime because, with children, this moment can be crucial and, therefore, one of the best options is to have an elevating roof that allows us to differentiate the sleeping area of the room in which we will live.
Tables, chairs, clothes and shoes, blankets or sleeping bags, children’s stuff … if you learn something when you travel in a camper is to live with the basics and enjoy the freedom of movement, autonomy and the pleasure of waking up every day in a new place.
<H2>Types of camper vans
A camper is a vehicle that serves both as a sleeping and travel vehicle. The fundamental difference with motorhomes lies in the fact that they have been conditioned from the original vehicle, customizing the interior according to the needs or the use we are going to give it.
When traveling with children in a van, the size and type of camper we use will be important, although not decisive, since part of the experience provided by this type of vehicle is learning to adapt to enjoy the freedom of movement and autonomy of this adventure.
However, we can take into account the characteristics and sizes that, in general, have the camper:
– Small campers or mini campers: Their dimensions are around 4.40 meters long and 1.75 meters wide. They can be equipped with sink, refrigerator, solar panel, awning or gas stove, although their space is quite limited. Depending on type approval, they can carry between two and five people, although, when it comes to sleeping, only with the installation of an elevating roof, they can sleep up to four people in relative comfort. They do not normally include a bathroom.

– Medium vans: The size of this type of vans varies more or less between 4.60 meters wide and 5.30 meters long, hence they are usually more comfortable than the previous ones. Their capacity allows us to equip them in a very complete way, with the features mentioned above and including water tanks and larger capacity refrigerators. However, there is still a lack of space for toilets or standing room. The number of seats depends on the approvals and the adaptations we make inside, ranging equally between two and five people, expandable to two more, with elevating roof.
– Camper vans: In this case, our options multiply since, in general, the sizes range from 4.90 to 6.40 meters long and from 2.25 to 2.80 meters high, allowing us to stand up inside the vehicle to increase our possibilities when using our camper. In this type of vans can move between two and four people depending, as always, the approval of seats and the distribution of beds. In addition, its equipment will allow us to make all kinds of trips as they can also include shower, toilet, hot water, static heating…
Now we just have to make up our minds and go for the adventure, be open to new experiences, let ourselves go. Surely the children will remember it.


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